Dear Crater Road Grooming Clients,

The groomer wishes to inform all clients of new procedures and guidelines. We try our hardest to accommodate all clients and pets needs as best as possible. Grooms are usually done in the order of arrival. However, we do understand that some pets will need to be done at certain times and we always make an extra effort to accommodate those who need early pick ups or nervous/difficult pets.
Just because a pet is dropped off at 8:00 doesnt mean the groomer will get to them right away as several others may have arrived at or before that time as well. If you need to have your pet back by a certain time the groomer needs to be made aware of this to make sure that it is possible. If you know this at the time of scheduling it would help us to schedule accordingly to avoid any delays. Also, pets may be dropped off later in the morning it you are concerned about your pet staying all day.

We also would like to remind clients that we always call when a pet is finished unless a specific time is given. If we have not called, your pet is not ready yet. It is very time consuming to make sure that we have your pet smelling, feeling, and looking their best 🙂 The more we are interrupted the longer it takes us to finish your pets. We strive to keep ALL ot our clients and pets happy and leaving with tails wagging!

We ask that you please be considerate of other clients and pets and remember we are trying our best to please both owner and pet. We kindly ask that if you can not make it on your scheduled date that you please call and cancel as the groomers are not paid hourly and your appointment could be open for another client.

••Please remember to leave a valid phone number to contact you when we are finished or if any concerns arise. (i.e. mans, fleas, aggressive behavior, haircut questions or concerns etc.)

Fall Grooming Price List:

All prices are for estimation purposes. Actual prices may vary depending on the condition of coat, type of haircut wanted, etc. For a more accurate pricing, pet can be evaluated by a groomer prior to appointment date. If a specific breed is not listed the groomer will quote a price upon seeing and/or speaking with clients.

Extra fees may apply for pets that are matted, have fleas and/or ticks, aggressive behavior, or difficult to groom. Client will be notified if any of these problems arise.

If you come across matted hair, first hold the matt close to the skin. Next insert the end tooth of the comb into the mat and try working the matt loose. If you find this isn’t possible you might want to cut out a man so you don’t cause your pet any unnecessary discomfort. After your pet’s mat-free, comb down to the skin. Remember to comb or brush your dog against the lay of the coat.

To brush a long-haired cat start by combing your cat’s belly and legs with a wide-toothed comb, untangling any knots you might find. Then brush its body fur all over in an upward motion from scalp. Make a part down the middle of your cat’s tail and brush out the fur on either side.

Pet grooming can be a normal daily routine. It’ll be much easier when your pet finds it enjoyable; you’ll have less hair to clean up on carpets rugs and furniture. Dog hair tangles or mats as we like to say in the grooming world are best handled by prevention. I recommend using a metal tooth comb. Avoid slicker brushes since they will simply ‘brush over’ the mat. If you have already missed this step and your dog is tangled from head-to-toe this is best left to the professionals. It is very difficult to see where the mat stops and skin starts and you could seriously injure your pooch.

Cat fur tip:
Get yourself a pair of latex, household gloves. You know, the kind that are sold for washing dishes. Put those babies on and easily ‘wipe off’ every last bit of fur