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Nikki Sayre

Nikki Sayer has been happily grooming for 15 years.

Nikki was trained as an apprentice and grooming assistant to Deborah Franklin at Groomingdales in Richmond, Virgina. She began as a bather where Ms. Franklin saw a talen and suggested Nikki learn to groom.

She worked for and eventually ran Noah’s Ark Pet Services for 10 years. While at Noah’s Ark, through her love and dedication to the craft of grooming, Nikki shared her knowledge with four other individuals and taught them the proper skills of grooming.

Nikki regularly attends Groom Expo in Hershey, Pennsylvania to extend her grooming knowledge base and techniques current to the trade. Some seminars she attended have been Pet First Aid and CPR, Science of Canine Skin, Breed Grooming Techniques and Behavioral Solutions.

It is her goal to take the time to ensure that every dog receives the proper clip and shampoo based on their needs as every dog is unique.

Nikki is available Monday through Friday by appointment.